The BriscoesinConcert
Music Staff
John and Ruth
sing together. John is featured on the trombone, but also plays the trumpet. Ruth plays keyboards. They compose and perform most of their music with MIDI interfaced computers. Current technology gives new "state of the art" sounds to their music. The wide variety of songs, styles, and instruments provides something for everyone!

The Briscoes 
travel full time and usually present about 48 to 66 concerts per year. Their music is inspirational and uplifting. Their repertoire includes a mixture of some of the most common favorites and some of the newer more contemporary songs and choruses.

studied music under James "Doc" Walker and Willard S. Nichols.He has played in several bands and orchestras including CSU, SNU, CSC and is a past member of the International Trombone Association.

studied music under Doris Vaughn, Myra Shubert, and Robert Hale. She has been playing and singing with The Briscoes ministry for several years.

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