The family
This picture
was taken June of 97 in Anchorage, Alaska in the parking lot where The Briscoes met and were all together for the first time in 7 years. A happy moment! 
John Ruth Jana Dawna Wes
During their tour of Alaska they performed several concerts with at least 2 of the "kids" participating; and, in one of their Anchorage concerts they were able to get the whole family on stage together for the first time in about15 years. What a great time!

The "children"
used to travel full-time with John and Ruth. They did their school work by correspondence out of Baltimore and Chicago. They all sang and played instruments. Wes played the trombone and bass guitar and helped with the road work. Dawna played the flute: Jana the trumpet. They were the "puppets" in the Kid's Krusades.

has a degree in music education from SNU and has been serving local churches as minister of music in Texas and Oklahoma. 

Dawna has Aurora Dawn (age 3).  She was married, but is now divorced. Dawna has a masters degree in adult vocational education from UAA. She has been teaching computers and business machines in adult education at UAA.   She has recently purchased a franchise computer business and is enjoying teaching computers to children in several public and private schools.

    Jana and Ben have two girls and one boy, Bethany (age 7), JaLynn (age 3), and Christian (age1). Jana has a degree in elementary education from UAA and has been an elementary teacher in the Anchorage school system. Now she is staying home with the children, home schooling, and working part time for Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.
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