Fly-Fish Alaska! It's the reel  thing!!!
John (right) and Pastor Terry
boarding a Twin Otter in June of 97 at Bethel, Alaska for a fly-in fishing trip. On this trip, John hooked and faught 19 King Salmon and landed 11 of them on an 8 weight fenwick FF858 fly rod with a Pflueger Medalist 1498 DA reel. This reel does not have a rim control. He bent the crank handle trying to control the fish. That's something for you flyfishers to appreciate. We lost track of how many Pastor Terry hooked but he also landed 11 of them on a spinning rig. John was fishing with yarn flies. Pastor Terry caught his on spoons.

The man with the camera
(not pictured...ha ha) was Mel Underwood. He was our tour quide and photographer, made arrangements for the trip, and knew the native Upiks at the nearby air strip and village of Quinhagak where we lodged and ate our meals... the best baked salmon and moose steak we ever tasted.
Tour Car...Follow Me!