The Briscoes
                                    have fun too!
We enjoy our work. It is a ministry of love that keepsus busy. We meet and work with some of the best people in the world. We also have a little fun along the way.   John and Ruth
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The Briscoes  have been privileged to enjoy many tourist attractions. Here's a partial list.
Grand Canyon
Niagra falls
Mammoth Cave
Redwood Forest
Zion National Park
Hoe Rain Forrest
Denali National Park
Petrified Forrest
Yosemite National Park
Flaming Gorge
Royal Gorge
Dinosaur National Monument
Rocky Mountain National Park
Cape Hatteras National Seashore
Mt. Rainier National Park
Grand Teton National Park
Boulder Dam
Lake Tahoe
Virginia City
The Alamo
Gettysburg National Military Park
Crater Lake National Park 
Shenandoah National Park
Cape Cod National Seashore
Kennedy Space Center
Washington DC
Side trips to Canada and Mexico, etc.
John likes to fish. He has fished several of the most famous fishing spots in the country, such as:
Hat Creek in California
The Madison, Firehole, and Yellowstone Rivers and Yellowstone Lake in Wyoming
The Kanektok, Anchor, and Kasilof Rivers, Ship Creek, Bird Creek, and Willow Creeks in Alaska
The Green River in Utah
The San Juan River in New Mexico
Fisherman's Paradise, Penns Creek, and Little Juniata in Pennsylvania
The St Joseph River in Michigan
The Ausable and Salmon Rivers in New York
Moosehead Lake and River, The West Penobscot, and The Kennebec River in Maine

John and Ruth
enjoy working with their computers and electronics... the MIDI and digital audio equipment. They are working on computerized puppet audio, writing and rearranging music, combining MIDI and digital audio, etc. They are also reorganizing years of work into seminar format and constantly researching the Bible and other great works for fresh thoughts to present in various formats. This "work" is also a lot of fun.

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