What's New?
Complete Makeover
This site has just undergone a complete makeover. It is always growing and improving. 

Tour Option
We have just recently added the tour option. This is the most efficient means of visiting our site. Just click on the tour button and follow the car. Join at any page and return to the home page at any time. 

We have streamlined the loading of our pages by using shared files within our site as much as possible. Once you visit a few of our pages the others will use many of the same files saving a lot of download time.

We recently added the comments form. We had a guest book but we had some abuse. We think our new cgi form  will solve this problem, be faster, more attractive, and more user friendly. Check it out. 

We have just revamped our links page. We were using a cgi script to allow visitors to add their own links. We had some abuse, so we reverted to a static links page. If you would like to have a link added, use our comments form or email us to submit it for our review and or addition. Check it out.
Note: We have only reloaded a few of our links. As we review them, we will be adding more. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Download Files
We have added the download option.  This is  for some of our friends who would like to have a brochure. We don't have the music and other files ready yet.

Tour Car...Follow Me!

This is a frames site.  If you do not have the frames, which contain our navigation buttons on the left and near the top of the page, click the index button for more information about full access to the site.